About me

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I am a writer living in Cambridge, MA and am delighted that in my retirement from a career of academic research I have the time and the freedom to write what I wish. At the moment I have two projects.

The short essays/stories I will post on this blog are about aspects of life, society, and aging, from the perspective of being in my seventies, which is a distinct place to be. Things really do look different from here.

I also am currently working on a book about people and their work, with particular interest in work that involves ideas expressed through the hands – sculpture, fine furniture making, music, and the like. For each of these stories I spend several months in the craftsman’s workshop watching a piece being made and interviewing the craftsman about the judgements he/she is making in the construction process. Some ideas from this work make their way into essays in the blog, as in Pedicuris Interruptus.


Barbara Scott Nelson